From artistic to industrial

Our history

Made in Italy for more than 6 decades

With a rich tradition spanning three generations, we proudly continue to nurture the legacy of Egidio Sala. Rooted in tradition but driven by innovation, our mission is to create the perfect cup to elevate every professional coffee-related experience.

The beginning

After a strong start in the papermaking industry, the first bold business of Egidio Sala, he decides to start producing porcelain statues; this marks the dawn of a new entrepreneurial adventure destined for success

The transition

IPA moved from a handicraft business to industrial production, engineering innovative machines and focusing exclusively on the HORECA market

Since 1970
Expertise development

IPA Porcellane creates a new quality standard for the bar coffee cups, creating the perfect product for roasteries combining aesthetics and functionality

Since 80s
The second generation

Laura, Daniela, Riccardo and Roberto – take charge of the brand, bringing innovation, creativity and a new entrepreneurial spirit


The technological innovation allows us to offer our customers personalised shapes for their coffee cups, enriching their experience while respecting their traditions

Since 1994
Industrial art

The technological innovations allow artists to express their creativity on a larger scale, producing high-quality cups, uniting art, beauty and industrial efficiency

Industry 4.0

Led by engineering heritage, we aspire to – implement automation, taking our firm to the forefront of the 4.0 paradigm

Vibrant colours

Thanks to our innovative machinery, we industrialise the production of two-colour cups and develop new coloured glazings for an even more distinctive product

The third generation

Sarah, Amedeo and Alice join the firm to shape the future of IPA Porcellane

Innovative finitures

Innovative Finishing- Thanks to a thorough dedication on R&D, we develop new effects – from mirror effects to iridescent and cangiant ones, exploring countless aesthetic possibilities

Flip it, it's

Italian hard porcelain since 1955

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